Proxy Vote Form

Please vote for the charity for the meeting

Regretfully I cannot make it to the next Meeting

I have attached and fulfilled the following things in honour of my membership with 100 Women Who Care Fraser Valley!

  • My Cheque for $100.00 with the payee name left blank
  • My member info filled in above
  • My Vote indicated below after carefully reviewing the charities online or over the phone!

I will drop my cheque off at one of the following locations or have another member bring it to the meeting on my behalf.

Digital Donation!

You are also welcome to donate once we have voted at the meeting! Please make sure to donate online (via the link provided the following day to the meeting in email) immediately‚Ķ Donations are needed within 24 hours of the meeting! Thank you for this timing as it is part of the member’s commitment!

MAKE SURE to memo 100 Women Who Care FV when donating online so they know who it’s from collectively!

Teams get one vote and should donate in ONE form not multiple!