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Frequently asked questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most:

Commonly Asked Questions

Q.How Does a typical meeting work?


Members arrive at the venue in time to register, provide a $100 donation, and receive their voting ballot.
Introductory remarks are followed by a random draw of three nominated charities. Brief presentations will commence and member voting will take place. While the votes are being tallied, the donee charity from the previous meeting will present.

The charity chosen this evening is announced followed by an evening of socializing, if you choose to stay!

Q.Can I join as a team member?


You sure can! Joining with a Team allows you to split the cost and time commitment, while creating community with coworkers, friends, and like-minded peers.

To sign up as a Team, each Member must complete a Membership Commitment Form. Teams may be comprised of 2-4 people.

As a Team, you are allowed just one vote at each event, but everyone is welcome to attend. Teams are also welcome to fill out our Charity Nomination Form, and one Member will present on behalf of the Team, should that charity be selected for a vote.