Nominated: August 1, 2022

Our Mission

To provide a safe haven for senior, palliative and special needs animals.

SAINTS is a place for senior and special needs animals who have no place else to go. In our care they receive appropriate medical attention, live in a safe and open environment, and get to enjoy their remaining years being celebrated for who they are as individuals.

If, in time, we can find them a special home of their own then we do. If that very special home never comes, they will be safe and cherished right here with us until the end of their days.

Our Vision

To build a community which values the lives of elderly, palliative, and special needs animals and meets their needs through kindness and empathy.

How does SAINTS operate?

SAINTS is a non-profit organization funded by donations, and supported by an incredible network of people here in our community as well as virtually through our online channels. Our operations include three main groups working together for our common cause.